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Cables and splitters

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Akyga power cable for notebook AK-NB-10A clover CCA CEE 7 / 7 / IEC C5 3 m
The Akyga® AK-NB-10A power cord is the perfect solution in the event of damage or the desire to ...
Stock: 6 pcs
Akyga power cable for notebook AK-RD-06A Eight CCA CEE 7/16 / IEC C7 1.5 m white
The Akyga® AK-RD-06A power cable is a cable with an eight-pin plug (IEC C7). It will allow you to ...
Stock: 4 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-06 USB A (f) / USB A (f) ver. 2.0 1.8m
Akyga® AK-USB-06 is a 1.8 m long cable that allows you to connect devices equipped with USB ...
Stock: 7 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-25 USB type C (m) / USB type C (m) ver. 3.1 1.0m
Akyga® AK-USB-25 is a 1 meter long cable equipped with two USB type C plugs.#13#10#13#10The cable ...
Stock: 9 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-28 extension USB A (m) / USB A (f) ver. 3.0 1.0m
The Akyga AK-USB-28 cable is a meter long USB cable extension. It has a socket and a USB A port of ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-32 USB type C (f) / USB type C (m) ver. 3.1 0.3m
The Akyga® AK-USB-32 cable is a practical accessory with many applications. It has been equipped ...
Stock: 7 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-36 USB type C (m) / USB type C (m) ver. 2.0 100W 0.5m
The Akyga AK-USB-36 cable is a USB-C cable designed for quick charging of devices. High-quality ...
Stock: 8 pcs
Akyga cable USB AK-USB-44 micro USB B (m) / USB type C (m) ver. 3.1 1.0m
Akyga AK-USB-44 is a cable for an external USB 3.0 drive. At one end it has a micro USB B ...
Stock: 2 pcs
Maxlife Home Office USB 2.0 hub USB - 4x USB 0,15 m black + cable 1,5 m
A USB 2.0 hub is the simplest solution when the number of USB ports on the target device is too ...
Stock: 10 pcs
USB Printer Cable - A-Male to B-Male Cord 1.5m black TFO Supplies Line
USB A - USB B cable 1.5 metres. To connect a PC to a USB device (printer, external hard drive, card ...
Stock: 10 pcs
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