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Service tools

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Razor Knife Blade 5 pcs set
Set of 5 replacement blades for a scalpel, service knife in a convenient, plastic package. Perfect ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Set of 3 openers for mobile phones / tablets / laptops / iPhone
The presented product is a set of 3 openers, which are used to open the housings of devices such as ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Double-sided adhesive / mounting tape for displays 5mm
Double-sided adhesive tape for various surfaces. It is used in factory-made telephones. Thanks to ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Thin metal case opener QianLi
The opening is made of very thin stainless steel with a thickness of 0.1 mm. It supports the ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Multifunctional cleaning kit for headphones / AirPods / phones / electronic devices
The multifunctional cleaning kit is an invaluable tool for all owners of various electronic ...
Stock: 2 pcs
Key / Needle for SIM card trays
The presented product is a metal key for opening the SIM tray in phones, tablets and other mobile ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Precision side pliers Plato 170
High-quality side pliers useful both in service works and in everyday use. The pliers are made of ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Knife / case opener
A convenient universal knife, an opener made of resilient steel and plastic. It has a plastic ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Set of 100 anti-static dustless cloths 10x10cm
The presented product is a set of 100 dust-free antistatic cloths. The cloths are intended for ...
Stock: 10 pcs
Multifunctional cleaner for headphones / AirPods / phones / electronic devices
The multi-functional cleaner for headphones, phones and other electronic devices is the perfect ...
Stock: 10 pcs
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